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Gabilan Cattle Company

Where Conservation Ranching Meets California Rangelands

Our Philosophy

Grass Farming With Cattle

At Gabilan Cattle Co., the well being of our rangelands is the most important factor driving our management decisions. We understand the positive impact thriving grasslands have on our environment, so we run our cattle with that in mind.

Implementing adaptive grazing by using our herd at different densities and times allows us to holistically integrate cattle into our rangeland management. This gives our animals the opportunity to reap the most benefits from the land year round, while keeping our ecosystems fertile, efficient, and healthy.

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Conservation Science

Our Partners In The Environment

We work closely with a variety of different conservation scientists and organizations to help monitor and collect data that greatly influences how we operate.

Having concrete scientific data of our ecology, soil composition, thriving flora & fauna species, etc. helps us better understand the essential role grazers play in creating and preserving healthy grassland ecosystems.

Some of our partners include:

Point Blue Conservation Science, The Nature Conservancy, California Oaks Society, California Department of Fish & WildlifeNational Resource Conservation Science, & US Fish and Wildlife Service

Our Products


Heifers & Steers

We pride ourselves on animals that are genetically adapted to thrive in a Mediterranean region. Our annual crop of calves are sold at 12 to 18 months old and raised in the hills of coastal California. These calves are naturally resilient to parasitic loads on a minimum vaccination program.


Gabilan Bulls

The bulls we need for a natural system have to be light enough to travel long distances to water, use our country to meet their nutritional needs, and spend the day breeding not fighting. Their mothers are highly-fertile range cows that can maintain good body condition year round on annual grasslands.

Our History

Gabilan Cattle Company is set upon 11,000 acres in Monterey and San Benito Counties in scenic central coastal California. Purchased in 1929 by Rollin Reeves, a prominent physician in Salinas, CA, the land has been in the Reeves/Baldocchi/Boyle family ever since. Running as a cow-calf operation, Gabilan Cattle Co. has been family owned and operated since it's inception in 1980.

In 2006, the family entered a non-developmental conservation easement with The Nature Conservancy. This easement protects the conservation values of the land in perpetuity and preserves our family ranching heritage for future generations, ensuring that this historic piece of California will remain forever. 

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Contact Us

San Juan Bautista, CA

(831) 623-4261

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